United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

We change lives by engaging passionate changemakers, investing in effective programs and services, and working in partnership with the system of agencies to create long-term solutions. Together, we can ensure that no one in our community is left behind.

What We Do

Our mission is to ensure that no one in our community is left behind.

A strong and vibrant community is better equipped to respond to new and urgent needs and challenges. We are focused on two critical areas that build community resilience: strengthening mental health and creating equitable opportunities for education and financial security. These build the foundation of a strong community that can tackle any challenge.

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region takes a systems-wide approach to collaborate and deliver local programs and services that address multiple facets of community well-being.

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Our Vision

We envision a strong and vibrant community, where…

  • All children and youth achieve their full potential, complete high school, and set a course toward a bright future.
  • All individuals and families attain greater independence and financial stability, contributing to their personal success and the success of our economy.
  • Everyone feels a meaningful connection to the community, enjoying a strong sense of well-being and safety, for themselves and their families.

In pursuing our vision, through our values we will:

  • Provide non-partisan leadership in social change
  • Endorse innovation, partnerships, and collective action
  • Deliver meaningful, lasting results
  • Respect community wisdom and encourage citizen involvement
  • Encourage and promote volunteerism and volunteer leadership
  • Demonstrate trust, integrity, transparency, inclusivity, and respect
  • Embrace diversity