Stay Safe


Keep it Clean

  • Help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus by following the rules and guidelines set out by Health Canada and our provincial health authorities. 
  • Consider dropping your item off at the registered community organization or in ways that do not require in-person transactions.
  • In-person transactions should occur at least 2 arms lengths away (approximately 2 metres) 
  • Ensure your items are cleaned and disinfected as per Health Canada’s guidance
  • Remember to wear a mask and practice proper hand hygiene


Pick a Safe Place

  • If you must meet in-person, please pick a public and safe meeting place. Check to see if your community has “safe zones” to complete donations. 
  • Try to choose a meeting place that is well-lit, busy, and has security cameras. 


Agree on Terms

  • Make sure the donated item or service is free
  • Make sure both parties feel comfortable with donation and the meeting arrangements
  • Confirm you have read and agree with the terms and conditions